Looking Back: Crafts, Fashion, Games & Randomness!

This week I’m looking back on some of my posts from 2015 and which ones were my favorites. I have selected some from each category as we all know I have serious writing ADD and cannot stick with simply one topic for very long lest I become a forlorn shriveled potato of boredom and doom….or something. ONWARD!

Gamer Girl Musings


My Childhood of Gaming – This was from our first nostalgia week. It was one of my favorites to write because it was a great trip down memory lane. Playing video games with my big brothers growing up is one of my fondest memories.


Childhood Board Games – Something about those nostalgia posts…again this post reminded me of family and the game nights that we used to have. It’s incredible to see which games have stood the test of time and how marketing and design of these games has changed over the years.

Replicate This Fashion


How to Dress like a Doctor Who Companion – Who would the Doctor be without his companions? Each companion interacts with each re-generation of the Doctor in a different way, and I do have my favorite Doctor/Companion pairings! It was fun to try and recreate some of the most well-known outfits for each of the companions.


Nerdy Dresses – I am not one to dress up very often but I really enjoyed finding nerdy dresses for this post. So much so that I had a very hard time narrowing them down! I do know that I would love to own at least a few of these beauties!

cosplay background

Our Fave Cosplay from SDCC & Nerd HQ ’15 – I love cosplay, and aside from the crafting posts that I had done on cosplay this was my first big cosplay article!

Replicate This Crafternoon


Nerd Wedding – This post was not only about how to incorporate your favorite fandoms into the perfect nerdy wedding, but it was also a slice of life for me! I wanted everyone to feel as though they were there and going through the whole wedding design process with me and I feel as though I achieved that.


Steampunk Disney – I loved getting insight from each of the NC girls on their cosplay making processes, and seeing all of our costumes come together in the end was the icing on the cake. We got to feel like celebrities for a day!


Cosplay Guide for Newbs – What can I say? This was my very first NC post! It’s amazing to see how far I have come since this post. I have found my own way of inserting my personality in my writing, and I feel more confident in the content I am providing. Still, I have to go back to my roots and remember from whence I came!

An Homage

evolution of WW

The Evolution of Wonder Woman – I have only written two homage posts so far and this one in particular I am quite proud of. I love Wonder Woman and I loved her even more after writing this because I did a lot of research on her to write the article and learned even more about her than I ever had.

pratt header

Why We Love Chris Pratt – This was another fun, random article that gave us a glimpse into just some of the many reasons why Pratt Pratt is such an awesome dude.

I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane as much as I did. 2015 was an amazing year full of growth and potential for the year to come. It has been an amazing experience watching as the NC fan base continues to grow. I look forward to seeing what 2016 holds for us.

Stay Nerdy!


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