How Gaming is Good for the Brain

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Did you know that gamers are often thought to be smarter than other people? It’s because playing games can help to enhance your mental faculties and give you a chance to focus. In a world where almost everything makes you feel like you’re rotting from the inside out, you would be able to improve your reaction timings and reduce your stress, and this will help you to feel brighter on the inside as much as the outside.

Video games are – for example – a great way to build reasoning skills, and you can use 6 Letter Words unscramblers for word games online, too. There are so many different options out there to train your brain and the best part is that you can get involved in as many as you want. Board games benefit cognitive development, and so do the latest video games! So, how does gaming benefit your brain? Let’s take a look below:

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1. Memory

You’ll be able to recall knowledge faster. Did you know that the hippocampus is responsible for the things you remember? Recalling all of that knowledge you gain through gaming is not the easiest thing to do but when you learn more, activation in the hippocampus really can make content much easier to remember and recall again. Games like Solitaire stimulate cognitive functions, thereby encouraging strategic thinking and memory recall. 

2. Learning

You’ll be able to build a relationship with learning. Whether you’re playing chess or Tetris, you can build a dopamine connection with your gaming, and every time you play you’ll get that feel-good hit. You’ll feel rewarded for making good decisions and these are spikes that help to embed more information in your brain. Each time you play, it’ll feel good to do it!

3. Story

The brain loves a good story. Facts are great and all, but games are made from stories and our brains are far more receptive to that than boring facts. When we are engaged in a stronger narrative, the brain releases oxytocin and we sink into the fun of it all.

4. Good Feels

Gaming triggers a release of endorphins. There is a thrill and excitement that comes with gameplay and when you get started on a new game, you’ll lower your stress and anxiety as you feel excited to play. Endorphins play a massive role in feeling good and by combining this with other neurotransmitters, you get that ideal environment for learning that is focused and exciting.

5. Workout

Your brain needs work. While the brain isn’t a muscle, it still needs you to strap in and drive it to get it stimulated. Gaming can help you keep your brain fit and improve your memory and attention as a result. Your brain needs to be able to focus properly and gaming can really give you a boost with that. Klondike Solitaire, an age-old card game, provides a challenging yet entertaining mental exercise. Engaging strategic thinking skills and stimulating multiple cognitive functions simultaneously, engages mental agility, sharpens decision-making abilities, and strengthens memory retention – just like physical workouts keep our bodies fit, Klondike Solitaire acts as an excellent mental fitness workout and fosters cognitive resilience.

6. Woo-sah!

It’s a great stress-reduction technique. Cortisol is the stress hormone and when this is released, our stress levels and tension – and blood pressure – go up. When you game, you stamp down that cortisol and instead, feel good rather than stressed out. 


You gotta do what you gotta do to make your day a better one! Find your joy and embrace it! Training the brain with board and video games will help you for all the reasons above – are you ready to pick up your next adventure?


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