An Homage: Harley Quinn

Hiya, Puddin! As if the prospect of seeing Harley Quinn on the big screen in Suicide Squad isn’t enough, we’ve got word that Harley is getting her own SPINOFF! I simply cannot wait; I can always use more Harley in my life! You can read more about this news here.

I will be honest, I have been attached to Tara Strong’s voice acting portrayal of Harley for so long that when I found out they weren’t casting her as Harley for the film I was nervous…I didn’t want them to mess up my Harley! When I saw Margot Robbie had been cast I thought okay she looks the part but how does she sound? And actually I was kind of relieved that she didn’t try to do the voice we’re all accustomed to because honestly I don’t believe it would have translated as well on the big screen.

Throughout the comics, video games, animated television series, animated movies, and now a live-action film, Harley has been portrayed in many different ways and with many, many different costumes. Today I thought I would pay homage and celebrate the Harley Quinn spinoff announcement by bringing you the evolution of Harley Quinn.

The Birth of Harley Quinn

Harley’s first appearance was in Batman: The Animated Series (1992) the episode “Joker’s Favor”.

Batman animated series

The creators of the cartoon, Paul Dini and Bruce Timm, drew inspiration for Harley Quinn from actress Arleen Sorkin who wore a jester costume in one episode of Days of Our Lives. Sorkin even voiced Harley in the show.

arleen sorkin

Miss Harleen Quinzel was originally only intended to be a one-off but her popularity quickly gained momentum! Thus Harley began making several more appearances in spinoffs and movies for the show.

Harley appeared in the comics that were within the same universe as the show (DCAU) The Batman Adventures Issue 12 (1993)

batman adventures

Once Harley was brought into the mainstream DCU, she became more twisted and dark. Her first appearance was in Batman: Harley Quinn Issue 1 (10/1999).

batman harley quinn

Modern Age: New Earth

Harley’s feelings for The Joker often blinded her against his ulterior motives. He would often use Harley as a scapegoat, putting her through situations he and even his henchmen could not accomplish. When finally Harley was tired of being used, she struck out on her own. This was when she teamed up with Poison Ivy.

new earth

Post-Flashpoint: Earth-0

With the launch The New 52, Harley underwent a new look and origin story. Adam Glass thought she should be more than just a support character. Harley went on to appear in the Suicide Squad comics.

new 52

More Harley Quinn!

Okay so technically, Harley’s first comic appearance was in Elseworlds Batman: Thrillkiller. This is kind of an alternate version of the comic world in which The Joker is a woman and Harley is a schoolgirl named Hayley Fitzpatrick who ends up in a relationship with The Joker.


Harley has also appeared in the following (just to name a few!):

The Batman Strikes

the batman strikes

Batman: Arkham City

arkham city comic

Elseworlds 80-Page Giant (Yeah that’s Harley and Ivy as some kind of folk band…)

elseworlds giant 80

Injustice Gods Among Us (Video Game Companion Comic): This was one of my favorite scenes from the comic. I loved the interaction between Harley and Oliver.

injustice comic

Oh Yeah, let’s not forget that Harley has her own Comic Series…Harley Quinn

harley quinn comic'

DC Bombshells


Birds of Prey

birds of prey

Batman: The Brave and The Bold

brave and bold

Arrow (we only caught a cameo of her in the Suicide Squad episode) portrayed by Cassidy Alexa, voiced by Tara Strong. This was the deleted scene)

Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles

gods and monsters

DC Superhero Girls (I love this web series and the accompanying action dolls, action figures, accessories, and more! ICYMI check out the review Aylah and I did on Poison Ivy for Nerdy Kidz Corner!)

dc superhero girls

Batman: Assault on Arkham (I loved this animated movie so so much! This is basically an animated Suicide Squad movie.) Harley is voiced by Hynden Walch in this movie.
assault on arkham

Suicide Squad (2016): Making her big screen debut portrayed by Margot Robbie

suicide squad

Video Games

Harley has appeared in numerous video games. Rather than list every single one, I will list the games in which she has unique looks.

Lego Batman: The Video Game


Batman: Arkham Asylum

arkham asylum

Batman: Arkham City

arkham city vg

DC Universe Online

dcu online

Injustice Gods Among Us

injustice game

Arkham Origins

arkham origins

Infinite Crisis

infinite crisis

Arkham Knight

arkham knight

There are also several Harley Quinn Funko Pop figures, with even more variants than I have shown here (don’t even get me started on the numerous other figures and statues!)

funko pop

I am sure there are several more appearances Harley has made that I’ve missed. I just love Harley so so much! I even dressed up as my own interpretation of Harley this past Halloween as a quick last minute costume!


What was your favorite version of Harley Quinn? Are you looking forward to seeing Harley in Suicide Squad and future cinematic projects? Join the conversation on any of our social media accounts or right here down below!

Stay Nerdy, Puddin’


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