Games Night: 7 Perfect Ideas For The Whole Family

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Family games night is a great way for the whole family to bond and you can build memories that last a lifetime. It’s the ideal way to let everyone have a chance at choosing something they enjoy. There are tons of games to choose from but you may need a little inspiration from time to time.

If you’re looking for games that are suitable for the whole family, you’ve come to the right place. Take a look at these ideas for game night and enjoy a fun evening at home together.

game night


Charades is a favorite with most families. It’s one of those games that everyone can have a go at and nine times out of ten it will have everyone roaring with laughter. Split the family into two teams and each member of each team takes a turn to act something out. This could be a movie, book, television show, or more. 

It can help to narrow it down to a single category. As one member acts out their choice, the other team has to guess what the answer is. If you have young children, it can help to write down some prompts on paper and put the prompts into a fish bowl to choose from.



Monopoly is a global sensation and there are many versions of the game. For instance, if your child is a Harry Potter fan, you can pick up a Harry Potter themed Monopoly game board. Each person chooses a character and each person takes a turn at throwing the dice. Each person will also be given a set amount of monopoly money.

You’ll make your way around the board and follow the instructions as you land. You can choose to purchase some of what you land on and collect $200 when you pass go. Just be careful not to land in jail or on someone else’s property.


Retro Games

Have you ever wished you could show your kids the games you used to play when you were their age? There are some retro games that are so good they’ll never seem old. Find a retro game store and look through the selection of games to play.


It could be anything from a Nintendo 64 Zelda game to Super Mario Kart on Super Nintendo. There’s something special about watching your kids enjoy playing the same games you did as a kid. You can usually pick these retro games and consoles up for reasonable prices.



If bowling is something you usually go out to play as a family, why not consider bringing home? Whether you play indoors or outdoors, it’s easy to set up your own bowling space at home. If you have enough space, you could even think about setting up two lanes.

Put someone in charge of keeping the score so you can crown the bowling champion at the end. Pair it with hotdogs and Coca-Cola for the perfect evening.



The great thing about pig is you only need a set of dice for everyone to play. However, it can be a long game so you’d all better be in it to win it. The first person who rolls the dice and adds their scores to 100 wins.

So, each throw of the dice will add to a person’s score. The catch is: whenever someone throws a one, their score goes back to zero. At this point, the player has a chance to leave the game. If any game will test your stamina, this is it.


Just Dance

Fancy your chances at beating your family on the dancefloor? Just Dance is a great way to entertain all the family on game night. The game can be played by multiple players who follow a choreographed dance to a song on the screen.

Each player is rewarded for their accuracy at the end of the song. The player who wins the most rounds by the end of the night, wins the game night. Just Dance is available on a variety of consoles including Wii and Nintendo.


Murder Mystery

Have your own Knives Out! If Janelle is there, give us a call. This is more suitable for families with older children. Each person has a role to play and only the killer knows what really happened. One person will be a victim of a murder and the rest of the characters have to find out who the killer is.

The problem is, every character has a motive for killing the victim. This game can take some time to prepare but it’s worth all the effort for a memorable night.

If you’ve enjoyed reading this article, take a look at the rest. Happy gaming!


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