Gamer Girl Musings: A Renewed Love of Gaming

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A Renewed Love of Gaming

Renewed Love

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From a very young age, I’ve always considered myself a gamer. Video games were a way to escape the everyday normal life. I could be a different character every time I turned on the console. But even as someone who loves video games, from time to time I begin to feel a little indifferent toward the usual titles. In this edition of Gamer Girl, I hope that I can give you some ideas to shake it up and invigorate your gaming heart.

1. Go Retro

Renewed Love

Photo Credits: Rojak Daily

Gaming isn’t merely a pastime. It genuinely provides some of the most memorable moments in our lives, and the best titles can feel like old friends. In fact, you probably remember playing some of those games with friends or siblings. Therefore, going back to the games that you grew up with is a great way to reconnect with your childhood memories and restore the fun. If you no longer have those consoles in the garage, you can always buy the updated versions of popular games.  However it isn’t difficult to find classic titles available in digital formats such as the PlayStation Store.

2. Go Active

nintendo ring fit

Photo Credits: Nintendo

Nintendo Switch is probably one of the best consoles Nintendo has released in my humble opinion. There is still the option to play games using motion control much like an updated version of the Wii. One game that really helped get me moving was Ring Fit Adventure. Alternatively, PS VR can transport you to a whole new world. Playing as the remote rather than using a gamepad or joypad is a breath of fresh air. Consequently, then, it can go a long way to restoring your love of more traditional gaming too. Variety is the spice of life, and keeping it fresh will pay dividends for all players.

3. Cheat

Renewed Love

Photo Credits: Eneba

We all know cheating at video games is a little controversial, but sometimes it just feels right or even necessary. If you’re of a certain age, your early interactions of using the internet were probably consumed by looking up cheat codes. One of my favorites that I still use to this day is Rosebud in The Sims! In today’s climate, cheating takes a more modern form in which you can simply unlock a game’s features far sooner. You could buy FIFA coins, use download content on your favorite platformer, or team up on Fortnight. Either way, a little head start will make gaming more fun.

4. Compete

Renewed Love

Photo Credits: GamesRadar

Playing against the computer remains a lot of fun, but online gaming changed the rules. In 2020, though, you may wish to take the excitement to an even greater level. The eSports industry has become a big business. Even if you’re not a professional, there are ways to play for money. I personally am not condoning gambling, but to each their own! Whether earning cash or prizes, the extra sense of competition can make everything feel more important. As long as you stick to small fees, perhaps in line with what you’d have spent on download content for another game, it will increase the fun. Winning would just be the cherry on top!

5. Get Social

twitch logo

Photo Credits: Twitch

Gaming is no longer just about picking up your PlayStation controller and playing the latest game. It is now a central part of our home entertainment plans, and social media allows it to become an even greater feature. Whether you commentate on Twitter, set up a blog, or stream on Twitch is up to you.  Speaking of streaming on Twitch, if you haven’t already please follow us on Twitch! We live stream every Thursday and Sunday! Either way, becoming a part of the gaming community is a thrilling thing to do. Better still, the virtual friends you make can often provide insight that will enable you to take the adventures to even greater heights. What more could any gamer ask for?

There you have it! These are just some of the methods I turn to when I need to find a Renewed Love for gaming. What do you do when you are starting to feel despondent toward something you normally love? Share your ideas in the comments below!


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