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The music in a video game is so important. Perhaps one of the most important elements in the game. The music is supposed to make you feel something. Whether it makes you feel pumped up for battle, excited because you just won a battle, the warmth of a mushy love scene, or sad when a beloved character dies, the music is key. There have been numerous games throughout my history of gaming and some of the songs in them stick out more than others. I have compiled 20 of my favorite songs from video games!

The Sims: Buy Mode 1

I used to spend HOURS building my Sims homes (anyone who didn’t use Rosebud to get extra Sim cash to build a sweet Sim mansion with the works led a very sad Sim existence) and this catchy little earworm used to get stuck in my head constantly.


The Legend of Zelda – Skyward Sword: Zelda’s Lullaby

I love the music from all of The Legend of Zelda games so it’s hard to narrow it down to just one or two choices, but this song is definitively, hands-down, without a doubt my favorite Zelda song. I loved the version from Ocarina of Time, but then I heard this arrangement and…I swear someone left a bag of onions around here somewhere!


Final Fantasy VII: Aerith’s Theme

It really was a toss-up between this and requiem, but in the end this lovely song won. It’s so peaceful and sweet, just like Aerith.


Super Mario Bros: Ground Theme

Mario is another franchise with great, catchy tunes. Of all the catchy tunes, this one is probably the catchiest. I’m bobbing my head right now listening to this.


Parasite Eve: Theme of Aya

This game had a lot of great piano pieces, and there was the beautiful opera song that Eve sang, but I really love Aya’s theme. You can just picture her on a mission, handgun drawn, searching for answers.


Final Fantasy VI: Opera Scene (SNES Version)

Oh the feels…..Even with the low quality graphics and MIDI music from back in the day, this scene still stands out as one of my favorite music pieces in video game history. Terra was also one of the most memorable old-school female characters that I can remember.


Mortal Kombat: Character Select Theme

The music that is playing while you’re trying to select your fighter is extremely important…and don’t you forget it!


Sonic the Hedgehog 2: Super Sonic Theme

I loved when that little blue dude went into Super Sonic mode and this music kicked in.


Sword Art Online – Lost Song: Cynthia no Hikari by Eir Aoi

(The video itself is a mashup of clips from the anime, not from this game. It was impossible for me to find a version of this song that was not a Nightcore version) I really love anime theme songs so including a song by an artist who has performed two opening theme songs for the anime in the opening of the game was pure genius.


Kingdom Hearts: Simple and Clean

I actually much prefer the original version of this song to the dance remix that is in the game but seeing the intro paired with the music is simply irresistible.


Final Fantasy XIII: My Hands by Leona Lewis

This song was initially used for the promotional trailer for the game. The Japanese version has a completely different song for its ending but the American version includes this song instead. It’s such a powerful song paired with the beautiful style of this game (TBH I didn’t like this game, but boy was it purty!).


Assassin’s Creed III: Theme Song

I haven’t ever played an AC game in my life but I have seen them all played by my nerdy hubby. Connor was one of my favorite AC main characters and this is my favorite AC theme song. There is also a great version by Lindsey Sterling you should check out here.


Elder Scrolls V – Skyrim: Dragonborn

Another medieval style earworm from a game that left many spouses feeling single as their companion spent days hours playing this game. Another shameless plug for Lindsey Sterling, check out her version with Peter Hollens here.


Assassin’s Creed IV- Black Flag: Sea Shanties

The sea shanties were the best part of this game and it was hard to pick a favorite. Instead I found this compilation YouTuber Hofik9 made of some of the best shanties in the game. Enjoy!


Mega Man 2: Dr Wily Stage 1

There was a lot of catchy music in this 8-bit wonder but this song just gets you pumped up for battle with Dr. Wily!


Silent Hill 2: Opening Theme

For a game that is so creepy, the opening theme is dramatic yet upbeat. I find that it made me want to sit there and watch the whole intro as opposed to the opening music from the first game that reminded me of nails on a chalkboard.


Tales of Zesteria: English Opening

This music, though slightly repetitive, flows nicely with the anime sequences that introduce the game.


Toejam & Earl – Panic on Funkotron: Theme Music

I…loved this game! It was so funky! The music just made me bob my head and dance around while I was playing. As fun as this game was to play on its own, the music really made it.


Legend of Zelda – Ocarina of Time: Lon Lon Ranch

Okay, so this was auto tune before auto tune was popular….synthesizer voice to the max…but dang this was still so pretty. I loved Malon, the little red haired girl that sang this tune. Now I really wanna try some Lon Lon milk….


Skullmonkeys : Beep Bop Bo

This game was so fricking weird….but I loved it. It was so unique because of how weird and fun it was. The characters were weird, the levels were weird, the cut scenes were super weird, the “Little Bonus Room” was also weird. The music in this game is no exception.


There are so many other great games and so much great video game music out there but this was just a selection of some of my favorites. If there are any I missed that are your favorite, please let me know in the comments!

Stay Nerdy, my friends!


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