Gamer Girl Musings: Decorating Your Gaming Space

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Decorating Your Gaming Space

The ultimate gaming space is something that many gamer nerds dream of. Not everyone is going to want their gaming space to look the same as the next. It’s such a personal space that it really needs to be tailored to the way you like to play games, what your priorities are and where your tastes lie. Nevertheless, we do have a range of ideas and tips that might, at the very least, offer you some inspiration as you set out on this wonderful journey of decorating your very own dedicated gaming space in a variety of nerdy ways.

Make the Furniture Part of Gaming Setup

Gaming Space

There’s no reason why the furniture and the gaming fun have to be two separate entities. You can use a tabletop air hockey game as a coffee table. You can invest in a tabletop Pac-man game from the vintage era. My husband, affectionately known as the male floating head, recently designed a mini gaming space in our home. We have a small place and not a lot of space but he made what space we did have work for us. One thing he really wanted was a cool, ergonomically pleasing gaming chair. We agreed upon the Secretlab OMEGA Series Alliance Prime 2.0 PU Leather chair. For all you WoW fans they have both Alliance and Horde designs. There are many other designs as well! It’s pricey for a chair, indeed, but if you’re going to spend hours gaming, wouldn’t you want your gaming space to have a comfy chair?

Keep the Furniture Clean and Ergonomic

Gaming Space

If you’re thinking of creating a streaming setup with monitors, a PC and a desk, you should focus on making the setup as clean and ergonomic as it can be. Sitting at a desk, streaming games for long periods of time is not always easy or comfortable, believe me. You’ll be able to enjoy the experience more and feel comfortable as you do it if you have supportive and ergonomically designed furniture in place. We chose the Mr Ironstone Gaming Desk. The desk we chose is practical and fits into our small space nicely. Of course there are other options if you need more monitor space but this worked out just fine for us.

Dedicate One Wall to Vintage Movie Posters or Gaming Posters

Gaming Space

Next, you’ll need to consider how you’re going to decorate the walls of your gaming room. It definitely makes sense to invest in a few posters, and if you’re a movie buff who loves classic Hollywood of whatever vintage just as much as you love games, you could invest in some original poster artwork. Alternatively, choose your favorite gaming posters and artwork, then get them framed. Another way you can decorate your gaming space is with a fun mousepad. Choose one that goes with your interests. We went with this Fairytail Mousepad.

The Best Anime Figures

The very best anime figures offer incredible detail and capture the stunning detail of the movies and animated series we know them from. There’s a reason why these figures are now so popular and can be found in so many gaming rooms and spaces the world over. DBZ Broly Figures offer a good example of these high-quality figurines, but there are great options in most anime and gaming niches.

Employ Some Creative Lighting Solutions

There are so many ways to play around with lighting in your gaming room. You can use light strips to add atmosphere to the space as you sit back and play games in the dark at night or you can do something fun with a neon-lit sign that hangs on your wall. There is just a multitude of options available, find what works for you!

Decorating your gaming space is an important task and something that you should definitely try to work on if you want to get the most out of your room. If you’re anything like me, you’re going to be spending a lot of time there, so make it an enjoyable space to spend time and a comfortable space too.

What is your ideal gaming space? Let us know in the comments!


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