Gamer Girl: Gaming & Bonding with Our Daughters

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Gaming & Bonding with Our Daughters

Growing up in a household full of gamers, it was inevitable that I too would become a gamer girl. I reminisce on the good times, challenging my brothers in games such as Mortal Kombat, Goldeneye, or Duck Hunt just to name a few. Or when we would each start our own Zelda game and compete over whose turn it was to play and see who could complete the game first. I always hoped my own child would enjoy gaming as much as I do. Playing classic games is a way to relive your childhood and enjoy the things that meant a lot to you. You can still do this and in fact, show your daughters the types of games you enjoyed. It’s a great way to bond and bridge the generational gap once you realize that she wants to be a gamer girl herself!

Get Into Her World

The first thing you need to do to bridge the cultural gap is, to play her video games. Does your daughter like to play MMORPGs? Is she a really competitive NHL gamer? Maybe she loves to play first-person shooters like CS:GO? Whatever kind of games she has on her computer or on the console you bought her, sit down and ask her if you can have a go? Better yet, ask her to train you on how to play the games. If you have a tomboy daughter or perhaps a daughter that is a little shy about her likes and interests, playing video games with her is an awesome way to break down any barriers you might not even know existed. It also swaps roles, whereby she becomes the teacher and you become the student. It shows you’re willing to put the effort into being good at something she really enjoys, building a stronger bond. My own nerdling got me into playing Overwatch with her for quite a while.

Now Show Her Yours

Now that you’ve made the effort to listen and learn about her video games, it’s time she learned about your childhood. These are some of the best classic arcade machines which you can buy anywhere on the market. The lights, sound effects, controls, screens, and the structure are all authentic. You can order Asteroids, Ms. Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Frogger, Galaga, and Centipede just to name a few. They offer a three-year warranty but they also offer free shipping, which is a lifesaver as the machines are a little heavy. This type of classic arcade machine is excellent for your games or lounge rooms. It’s a brilliant showpiece for when you’re entertaining, but more importantly, you can teach your daughter about what you used to play and enjoy. My nerdling has also bonded with her dad over Pokemon.

gamer girl gaming with your daughter

Support Her

Gamer girls are rising in number all across the world. Video gaming was once dominated by men and boys, but young girls are finding this avenue of entertainment and competition a real boost for their confidence. Now is the time mothers should be encouraging their daughters to be just as good (if not better) as the men, at everything, including gaming! My gamer girl daughter has enjoyed watching me play Life is Strange which has strong female characters. She has also gotten into modern sequels to the games I enjoyed as a kid such as Mario, The Legend of Zelda, and Final Fantasy.

Video games are a form of entertainment but they’re also very culturally significant. When gamer girls unite it can be a very impactful way for a mother and daughter to bond in ways other than the traditional “girly” activities. My own mom and I used to play video games together all the time. It was from her that I learned that it wasn’t just for the boys. Now I am proud to instill those values in my own nerdling. Was there anyone in your life who may have impacted your love of video games? Let us know in the comments!

Stay Nerdy!

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