Nerd It Happy: Finding Your Dance Confidence

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Finding Your Dance Confidence

The truth is, we have all been there. We have all felt out of place, goofy, and had a fear of becoming the target of laughter and bullying. The thing is, we look at each other and think, “Why can’t I be cool and confident like that?” It is not about how they feel. They had the same feeling as the rest of us at some point in their life. The difference is, the way they chose to deal with it.

Some people seem to be trained to laugh things off. Their DNA seems to keep them from internalizing their “faults”, while the rest of us, grab our fears, and find the nearest hole to bury them until we are safe from them.

Celebrating you

At some point, we grow past the need to conform and begin to look for our own way. We find the road less traveled or at least, less acknowledged, and find out where we fit in the puzzle. This is where we begin to find our peers. Many times, we find them on the dance floor.

Of course, when we pull on our tights and look at our bodies in the mirror, we feel a bit (or a lot) terrified. But we manage to take our place on the floor. Then something amazing happens. We feel like we are part of something. Okay, at first we are a part of a pool of arms and legs swinging wildly as the sound of our beating heart drowns out the music. But still, we are in the pool. We are part of the action.

Nerd Friends

Our peers

We realize that these people are our peers. They are trying to get down the same rocky road that we are, with as few bruises as possible. This is the glue that binds us. We begin to experience friendship, team support, and unity. We begin to understand that each of us has weaknesses. Standing alone, they are evident. But as part of a team, our strengths propel us forward. As our fear dissipates, we realize we have found our place. We want to be here and we thrive.


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Looking the part

When we are young, we quickly realize that wearing the latest things does not protect us from being ridiculed and bullied. It is more about who is wearing it and less about what it is. Ask any kid who ever laced up a pair of Nikes under his high-water jeans.


This is the reason schools have uniforms. This is the reason why sports teams have the matching equipment, and this is why dance teams have gear. When you step into your dance gear, you are now “us”. There is nothing that makes you stand apart. This is your strength. Jackets complete the look. You can walk through any mall, any studio, and any event and you get a measure of respect because you are the team. With every step, you are finding your dance confidence. Every time you take the stage, you grow as a team member. You may not realize that at this stage, you’re giving as much confidence as you are getting. You are building each other; you are becoming a unit.

Once you have reached the point of performance, your self-confidence is at a higher level. That is not to say that you are not nervous, but you are no longer controlled by fear. You have found your dance confidence and are ready to take your place in the limelight. You will light up your stage with Alexandria Costumes.

Other tips for keeping your confidence up

  • Eat a healthy diet that is rich in protein. Learn what to eat to boost your energy short-term and to keep it going long-term.
  • Remember what you have learned. Actively remember. Conduct a mental inventory. How is your posture? Are you comfortable? Have you had enough water today? Focus on the music. Get into your zone.
  • Being different is better. The reason dancers are admired is not because they mechanically do the same steps exactly like their counterparts. It is because they take the routine and add their flair to it. The dancer that is not afraid to be different excels.
  • Commit to your art and your team. Put in the work and demand effort from yourself. An error is excusable. Lack of motivation is not. Always work from a perspective of how your actions contribute to the overall ambitions of the team.  
  • Even professional dancers miss a step from time to time. Work toward perfection but do not punish yourself if you do not reach that goal. Perfection is elusive. When you reach it, your level of skill rises, and you must strive for it again.
  • Remember to get into the music. This is a great mental tool. It is important that you breathe the music in and let it consume you. If you are feeling insecure, play a song that you have learned to dance to, and conquered.
  • Smile and congratulate yourself. You are on a journey of self-improvement. You are making great progress. Your world continues to expand with you. Give yourself a pat on the back. You deserve it.

Finding your dance confidence will not happen overnight. But, it will happen. Concentrate on taking the steps. The journey will take care of itself.

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