FanExpo Vancouver 2020: Day 1 Panels

Greetings, Curious Crowd! Con season is once again in full swing and we were lucky enough to be invited back to cover FanExpo Vancouver this past weekend. Here’s a look at the shenanigans we witnessed on the Main Stage!

Brendan Fraser

First-time guest, Brendan Fraser, had fans clamoring for a chance to ask George of the Jungle himself a question. Fraser reminisced about his time on The Mummy set and shared his favourite line from the film (“You’re on the wrong side of the river). He sang the praises of his Doom Patrol suit actor, Riley Shanahan. But the highlight of the panel was when Fraser spoke about his great-granddad, who was an RCMP officer, and how he was one of the reasons why Fraser is so fond of his role in Dudley Do-Right. Bonus: “Daffy Duck is an asshole”. The more you know.

Chris Sabat & Justin Briner

Voice actors, Chris Sabat and Justin Briner, were on hand to chat all things My Hero Academia. They also shared what superpowers they wished they possessed. Sabat wanted the ability to perfectly rip paper from a binder and Briner wished he could make reservations for any restaurant at any time. Bonus: Sabat’s signature deep voice? According to him, Sabat has it since he was eleven.

Madelaine Petsch

Madelaine Petsch dropped a few Riverdale spoilers for the upcoming Hedwig musical episode including multiple wig changes for Cheryl and hinted at a significant Choni moment later in the season. She also spoke fondly of her co-stars and filming in Vancouver. Bonus: Madelaine’s favourite director Wes Anderson and she’s looking forward to The French Dispatch.

Todd McFarlane

Todd McFarlane didn’t just host an ordinary panel. It was a full on TED talk. He shared his life lessons on never giving up in the face of rejection and the power of dumb luck. He also sang the praises of the late Stan Lee, calling him the Pope of Comics. Fans of Spawn can look forward to a movie that McFarlane is planning to direct in the near future. Bonus: Wayne Gretsky apparently makes a mean bologna sandwich!

Christina Ricci

Christina Ricci spoke about her prolific career and shared her fond memories working with Cher, Vincent Gallo, Patti Jenkins, Catherine O’Hara, Raul Julia, just to name a few. The person that made her super starstruck? John Cusack. We don’t blame her. She also said she still a little weird. Never change! Bonus: How many people can say they were whipped with a towel by Benicio Del Toro while biting Johnny Depp’s ankle?! Just Ricci.

Levar Burton & Marina Sirtis

It was comedy hour care of Star Trek alums, Levar Burton and Marina Sirtis. Both were a riot chatting about Reading Rainbow (and his favourite books with a plug for Burton’s podcast), NCIS (and that time Sirtis had to punch a con attendee), and their friendship with Sir Patrick Stewart. Bonus: Speaking of Sir Baldie (that’s their pet name for him), Sirtis shared a hilarious story about the time Betty White shamelessly hit on Stewart at a Golden Globes.

Corey Feldman

With some minor panel reshuffling, Corey Feldman closed out panels for the day. He reminisced with the audience about his time on The Goonies and his deep friendship with Corey Haim. Feldman’s documentary made in honour of Haim will be streamed worldwide for one night only and tickets and details can be found on Feldman’s website.

For more highlights from Day 1, check out our live-tweet moments!

As always, a big thank you to Kevin, our photographer extrordinaire. We will have more from FanExpo Vancouver 2020, so be sure to check out our recaps of Day 2 & Day 3!

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