FanExpo Vancouver 2019: Cosplay

Greetings, Curious Crowd! We’re here with the first of our FanExpo Vancouver 2019 posts and we’re kicking things off with cosplay!

The moment we walked onto the show floor we ran into this amazing Daenerys and Jon Snow by professional cosplayer, Mimi Reaves (Website, Instagram) and Dick Charming (Instagram).

Photo Credit: Jenine

Star Wars: Bad Guys Doing Good

No FanExpo Vancouver is complete without a photoshoot with the 501st Outer Rim Garrison whom were at the con alongside the Wasu’ran Clan – British Columbia Mandalorian Mercs and the Rebel Legion Falcon Base. This group is special to us as we have volunteered alongside this fun cosplay group in the past to raise money for Variety the Children’s Charity of BC. This time around we had our very own Imperial officer escort us through a three photo-op station!

Cosplay Contest

You can’t have a FanExpo without a cosplay contest. This year, our esteemed judging panel included: Mimi Reaves, Ellipses Cosplay (Instagram), Stoosh Cosplay (Instagram), and Katy DeCobray (Instagram). Congrats are in order to everyone who participated! Special shout-out to the following cosplayers: CosWePlay Vancouver, Dalia’s Charming Cosplay Closet, Chunkamunk Cosplay, RandomSyhn, Nikki_Doll, The Followers by Milton Ng TV, and Wartoast Cosplay. A ton of creativity was showcased this year and the photos speak for themselves.

Our Judges and Host

Novice Category

Journeymen Category

Masters Category

Our Winners

We would like to thank our photographer, Kevin, for taking such amazing photos for us! If you want to see more of his work, follow him on Twitter @djkastle and check out his website!

Stay tuned for our upcoming posts on Artist Alley and recaps from the main stage panels later this week!

‘Til then, stay nerdalicious!

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