FanExpo Vancouver 2018: Panels (Part III)

Salutation, Curious Crowd? We’ve made it to the last day of our panel recap from FanExpo Vancouver! Allons-y!

Kevin Conroy

The crowd was treated with Kevin’s iconic “I AM BATMAN!” and spoke fondly about his relationship with Mark Hamill.

Jaleel White

While Jen and I were volunteering for the 501st Legion, Jaleel was entertaining the FanExpo crowd regaling stories from behind the scenes at Family Matters and voicing Sonic the Hedgehog.

Wil Wheaton

One of Wil’s favourite memories on set was when Patrick Stewart came running up a hill, dramatically spun around, and began singing ‘The Hills Are Alive’. Classic. The Mark Hamill lovefest continued as Wil shared how much he fanboyed over Mark at the table read for The Big Bang Theory. Wil also shared some advice on combating depression and anxiety: loving on his wife and pets, talking a walk or a bath, reminding yourself that you deserve to be loved <3

Stargate (Joe Flannigan/Alaina Huffman)

Although this convention was the first time Joe and Alaina had met (since they were in different iterations of the show), they had such a wonderful rapport on stage. They tackled the not so glamorous side of working on a show with intensely passionate fans (Alaina recalled multiple instances where she saw picketers outside of the studio) and Joe shared a story of when Jason Mamoa mooned a fellow cast member. Never a dull moment for the Stargate family.

Katee Sackoff

It was all giggles for our last panel of the con. Katee’s laugh is absolutely contagious. She spoke about her upcoming project, Another Life, and reminsced about her love for Starbuck.

A big thank you to all of the volunteers for making FanExpo such a wonderful experience and a massive shout-out to our awesome moderator, Moisés Chiullán! We still have some more from FanExpo including cosplay and artists! Stay tuned!

Keep it nerdy,
Rach and Jen

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