FanExpo Vancouver 2018: Panels (Part II)

Howdy, Curious Crowd? Ready for our FanExpo Vancouver 2018 Day 2 Panel recap? Buckle up, we’ve got a lot to cover!

Legends of Tomorrow (Caity Lotz/Brandon Routh/Jes Macallan)

What did we learn from our time with the Legends? Brandon has trouble with giving one word answers (and according to the ladies is the clumsiest), Caity wants Kahlessi to join the team, and Jes is obsessed with The Riddler. They also all spoke about the importance of representation on screen and hope that diverse characters continue to be introduced.

Ron Perlman

Ron was candid about his relationship with Guillermo del Toro (the bromance is strong) and the reason why they got on so well was the fact there were “two fat guys who just wanted to make movies” (his words not ours). And apparently voice acting is a ton of fun, but not as fun as other activities *eyebrow wiggle*

Michael Cudlitz

Michael spoke about his time on The Walking Dead and shared hair dye secrets, shouted out the amazing folks who play the walkers (the unsung heroes of the show), and told us about his upcoming directorial debut on the show in November. He also told the audience that he formed a very close relationship with everyone working on Band of Brothers and to this day hosts an annual BBQ for the any of the cast and crew who happens to be in town. A touching moment during the panel was when our moderator Mois├ęs and Michael raised a glass to his former co-star, Scott Wilson, who passed away earlier this month.

Felicia Day

Felicia may have dropped a hint *spoiler alert* that her beloved character Charlie, may or may not make a return appearance on Supernatural, shared fond memories about fan interactions especially The Guild fans, and got an incredibly sweet proposal from a fan to be her Con Wife. She said, “Yes!” *melts*

Benedict Wong

Benedict’s panel was moved from Sunday to Saturday and we were very glad we didn’t miss the hilarity. He talked about his need to play Wong (Project code name: Wong for Wong), showed us the trailer for his new project “Deadly Class”, informed us that Doctor Strange 2 will most likely start filming in December of this year, recounted the first time he met his idol Stan Lee, and discovered that he was Asian!

Lou Ferrigno

Lou spoke eloquently about standing up to bullying and how he overcame his own personal challenges and struggles as a young man. He also shared some fun stories, once he drove home after a long day of shooting in full Hulk makeup and scared the driver next to him and another time how he physically moved his vehicle to get into a parking spot. Lesson learned, driving with Lou is always an adventure.

And that does it from the main stage on Day 2 of FanExpo Vancouver. Final day recap up next!

Keep it nerdy,
Rach and Jen

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