FanExpo Dallas 2019: Vendors & Artists & Zac, Oh My!

FanExpo Dallas 2019 proved to be another for the record books! It continues to be one of our favorite conventions to attend. The options provided were vast and covered an array of nerd passions from digicon, anime, comics, and film.

We want to give props to the organizing team for putting together such an awesome show that only gets bigger and bigger every year. Last year was the first year we started to feel a size difference for the convention. Well, this year even surpassed it. Companies like Funimation, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, and Ubisoft all created large exhibits on the con floor. It took us back to San Diego Comic Con for a moment. Could we be heading to that scale? The quality of guests present also hints to that future for the con as well.

High Points

Artists and Vendors

If you’ve been following us for awhile, you know that our favorite thing to do at any conventions is hunting for new unique vendors and artists. Below are our latest finds and a few of our go to favorites.

Odd Duck Collectibles
This was Rachel and Michelle’s (@NerdyGras) first time being introduced to Odd Duck, and it was my first time seeing them at a convention. I’ve run into them at the Texas Renaissance Festival, and love their clay sculptures. If you missed them at FanExpo, you’ll get a chance to see them at Texas Ren Fest this Fall close to the pirate area.

Cate’s Concepts Woodcraft, Jewelry, Custom Laser Cutting
NC and nerdy jewelry equals hurting wallets, and this woodcraft laser cut jewelry, was awesome! We will definitely be purchasing in the future.

Rawry & Pohly
We were big fans of the bright colors and simplistic designs, but the conceptual sketches really sealed the deal for our designical hearts.

Luca Designs
Roni will be selling a kidney to buy one of these Captain Marvel leather jackets in the future, because priorities!

Truffle Cottage
A convention is never complete without some Truffle Cottage chocolates! This year I bought some dark chocolate pixelated hearts which were divine. If you see Jennie and team at a con near you, you better clear her inventory out!


Big shout-out to the lovely Laura (@NerdFitter) for being our panel photographer for the weekend! Check out her snaps from the Smallville, Tyler Hoechlin, and Zac Levi panels!

Show Floor

With the passing of Peter Mayhew, FanExpo Dallas organizers created a beautiful memorial in honour of the late actor for fans to pay tribute to him. For more information on the Peter Mayhew Foundation, please visit their site here.


There’s nothing like admiring fellow nerds and their dedication to cosplay and we’ve included some of the most amazing ones from the con. While we are sure we didn’t get to see everyone, one of our favourites was definitely the lovely Chelsey Gentry with her Disney princess wedding gowns!

We are fans first

We do this because we love it. Conventions continue to be a positive environment for people to bond through their common nerdy passions. Sure, sometimes bad behavior is seen, but that typically stems from people not following directions or just being dicks. (See our advice to have a positive con experience here). For the most part, everyone is kind and just ready to have fun.

Conventions are a great way to reunite with friends, especially when everyone is scattered across the country. Photo-ops and attending panels gives us a chance to bond over our favorite nerd culture players.

Low Points? What low points?

Honestly, there weren’t a lot of low points. Photo-op organization continues to be a challenge for all conventions, and this was no exception. We would strongly suggest additional signage to clearly mark designated entrances and exits, and also directional.

Overall, the convention was excellent, and we cannot wait to attend again! We look forward to see what the future holds for FanExpo Dallas! Mark your calendars for March 27-29, 2020!

Nerd On!
Roni and Rach

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