Fan Expo Canada 2018: Cosplay

There were a lot of fabulous cosplayers during all four days of the convention. I was only able to capture a very small portion of all the cosplay while the con as I was walking around the show floor as well as attending the Masters of Cosplay Northern Qualifier and Grand Prix!

Show Floor

Even though I didn’t get a chance to take many photos of cosplayers around the show floor, I did manage to snap a few. Check out these awesome cosplayers! My favourite would have to be the Wakanda group. Those kids are just too cute!

Master of Cosplay Northern Qualifier and Grand Prix

What was even cooler was that Fan Expo Canada was the final stop for the Master of Cosplay. They held the Grand Prix on Saturday, September 1st. The room was packed for this event and it was definitely a fun event to be at. The most memorable cosplays for me had to be the volunteer that entered the walk-on contest as M’Baku and the Swedish Chef. Of the contestants of Master of Cosplay, Luisa Earle (winner of the Eastern Qualifier at Fan Expo Boston) had an amazing Loki cosplay, and Samantha Bork (winner of the Southeast Qualifier at MEGACON Orlando) was an impressive Snow White Knight! Here is a large sample of the amount of talent was put into these cosplay costumes!

There were many prizes and winners at the end of the event thanks to sponsor Arda Wigs Canada. Here is the clip of all the winners of the Judges Choice and Arda Wigs Consideration Awards!


And the winner of the first ever Master of Cosplay was Luisa Earle (Loki) from Boston with a prize of $5000 and a sponsorship from Arda Wigs Canada!


Congratulations to all the winners at Masters of Cosplay! It takes a lot of time and effort to put together a cosplay costume, but most of all, it takes courage to go up on that stage and put your creations out there for judgement.

Stay tuned for more on Fan Expo Canada!

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