Dallas Fan Days 2016

Do you have a love hangover, nerds? Is that even a thing?
giphyWeeee’ll…just say it is…Happy day after Valentine’s Day! If you’re reading this, it means the world didn’t end! Yay!
So, this V-Day weekend I made the drive to Dallas for Dallas Fan Days, a smaller con at the Irving Convention Center. The guest lineup was quite impressive…
guestsAnd major props to the cosplayers who came to show off their talent!!! I wanted to showcase quite a few below! The pros like Calen or Groot, as we all know and love him, of PropCustomz would be impressed!
There were quite a few bad ass ladies showing off their talents!
This lovely Rey…
Erin as Supergirl
Madison as Kylo
All of these ladies showing off their Marvel/Disney villains!

Enter the dudes!
This was by far, the best Batman at the con!
This gaggle? collection? grouping? of Wolverines!
When there’s trouble you call DW! Darkwing Duck! Let’s get…sorry, I can’t help it!DW
The clown prince catwalk…A Dapper Joker and a Mad Max Joker
WHY?! Just WHY?! The Mountain Dew Superbowl madness, Puppy Monkey Baby…ug. lol!
A few groups/couples pulled off wicked cosplays!
This is Brandy & Matthew who were fantastically in character! Also, Nick as Reverse Flash was with his Flash counterpart but was sadly not available for a photo.
These Xmen came together for a glorious reunion!
Thomas, Roxi & Michael as Constantine, Canary & Arrow.
Chris and Cassie as Deathstroke and Canary.
This striking Starlord and Gamora!
There were amazing entries to the cosplay contest, as you can see by all of these finalists! Congrats to all!
finalistsSide note, Robbie Amell crashed the contest for a few minutes. 🙂
These are a few of my personal favorite cosplays!
This cutie Velma and her Scooby! Also, parenting done right!
This most impressive Toothless!!!
These intricate Diablo and Borderlands characters show dedication!
I may have overdone it a bit… Funko Pops, they’re a problem! Below are a collection of vendors that impressed me!
My First Fandom
Warehouse RoyGBiv
My Chic Geek
Random Smash

On the Panel front, I managed to attend Robbie Amell’s panel where I live tweeted. Below are a few highlights from Robbie, Stephen and Barrowman!

We all know John Barrowman’s panels are epic. Here is one of the most beautiful, heartfelt moments. I am particularly touched that my wonderful friend, Laura (@nerdfitter) was able to interpret this moment starting at 1:05:43! <3 You are magical John!

Conventions are fun and a great way for nerds to share passions, creativity and talents, and it’s panel moments like these that are just the cherry on top to a wonderful sundae! I am looking forward to Dallas Comic Con in June!

See more awesome photos from FanDays here!

Nerd On!
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