An Homage: Buffy The Vampire Slayer 20th Anniversary

“A young woman is forced to fulfill her destiny of fighting vampires and demons
with the help of her friends all the while struggling to live a normal
teenage life of heart break and drama.” 

As I communed with the rest of the NC ladies on what topics to write about this week, Jaime remembered the Buffy The Vampire Slayer 20th anniversary was March 10th. Talk about teenage staples! Trying to decide what exactly I was going to say or showcase about Buffy was more difficult than anticipated. I could do a Top 10 Favorite Buffy Moments list, or Funniest Moments, or Top Character Moments. I could’ve produced a novel about how beautifully written all of the women characters are, or yet another love letter to Joss Whedon. Though fun, none of them seemed personal enough for me.

buffy 20th homage

Buffy and the 90’s

Oh, the 90’s. Growing up in the 90’s, my teenage years served as a time to try on different interests, and see where I’d fit. I had always been a kid with peculiar interests, but I mostly kept them to myself. Yes, I may have had an obsession with Spielberg and Lucas, I watched Disney movies on the weekends and would write or draw about my favorite characters. I preferred sci-fi and fantasy stories more than anything else, and I loved Halloween because of the costumes. The 90’s were extremely cliqueish, so I kept most of this to myself, and would brush them off as simple enjoyments while I focused on more ‘mainstream’ interests.

Buffy was one of the first socially acceptable nerdy things in my youth. As a fan of the original 1992 film, I made a plan to watch it when it premiered March 10th, 1997 after school on local channel 39. Yes kids, this was before DVRs were a thing, and you had to plan to watch the tele. They were hard times, but I digress. Looking back at my teen years isn’t something I typically like to do, but nostalgia is in our faces all the time as of late. We’ve done our fair share of Nerdstalgia posts here at NC, and it does help to look back on the things we loved growing up. Sometimes looking back can shed light on who you are and what you enjoy now. These are the reasons I loved Buffy.

Badass Women Representation

ellen ripley buffy homage sarah connor buffy homage

Sure I had bad ass ladies like Princess Leia, Marion Ravenwood, Ellen Ripley, and Sarah Conner growing up, but Buffy was one of the first who was around on a weekly basis. I didn’t have to wait for a theatrical event. Buffy was strong and feminine, determined and vulnerable, and perfectly flawed.


She was there, week-by-week,  going through awkward high school drama and facing deadly situations with all sorts of monsters. It kind of put the whole high school thing in perspective. No matter how hard you thought life was, it would never be as bad as the slayer in Sunnydale. Also, you can be one of the most powerful women on Earth and still have the worst taste and luck with men. Oh Buffy, I feel for you girl.

buffy homage 20th


She was only as good as those she surrounded herself with. It’s ok to need help, and don’t take your friends for granted. The Scooby Gang will always be there. In their 10 seasons, they all evolved and it was such an amazing ride.

Nerds weren’t portrayed in the best light and the label was cast on the extreme, mouth-breathing, loser-type characters. I sometimes wonder what it’s like for kids today, who are embracing nerd culture and the label so readily. How cool must that be. Now, a fafillion years later, I’m writing about nerdy passions every week. Fully embracing the nerdity, I’ve made more friends than I did my entire educational career. I have amazing friends from school, but I never thought I’d find a plethora, a gaggle, a peck of nerdy soulmates to add to my collection of humans. I truly believe this was one of the shows that started nerd girl culture as we come to know it.

buffy homage scooby


To Joss and Sarah, I thank you for creating and bringing to life such an amazing character that was part of my high school and college years. I truly believe characters like Agent May, Sarah Walker, Sarah Manning and clones, Regina Mills, and other countless well-written, badass ladies wouldn’t exist on television without a Buffy Summers, Willow, Faith, or Tara. Cheers to that!

buffy homage shot

There’s so much to say about Buffy, so please share any thoughts or favorite moments below. Keep your eyes out for Jaime’s Buffy post this week by liking, following, subscribing, and all that jazz!

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