Nerds ‘R Us

This (non-podcast) podcast is a segment that’s very near and dear to our hearts. We chat with some of our favorite nerds about their passions and living that nerd life. Here is a playlist of all the interviews we’ve done so far!

Year 1 (2015-2016): 39 Episodes

Shannon Walker (NASA Astronaut)
Father’s Day Dedication
Linda Seger (Entrepreneur and Script Consultant)
Alfred Cervantes (Houston Film Commission)
Ming Chen (Comic Book Men)
Lynn Johnston (For Better or Worse)
VanCAF Organizers Shannon & Noemi
Valchiri Cosplay
Mother’s Day Dedication
Nerdy Curiosities: Roni
Less Than Super
Nerdy Curiosities: Jams
Haylee Fisher
Katie Hughes, Real Life Disney Princess
Liz Tailor Part 1
Liz Tailor Part 2
What’s New with NC?
The Nerdlyweds
Matt Ditullio
Melissa Houdart
Justin Prince (Lifted Geek)
Why is Joel Telling so Adorable? (3DPrintingNerd)
Edgar Bautista
Karen Valenzuela
Chris Cruz
Michelle Badeaux (NerdyGras)
Johnny Brown
Stephanie Arnwine (Artist)
Dave Solo
Matthew Sylvester
Beth Robinson
Sully and Steve (Nerd Fu)
VTCC Artists
Shannon Fox
Sandrene Matthews
Laura Davis
Literary Week: Kristin Bates
Nick Dubay

Year 2 (2016-2017): 14 Episodes

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