Bibbidi-Bobbidi Darkness?!

This post is in honor of the Once Upon A Time premiere yesterday, (which I’m writing this Saturday and I’m eagerly awaiting this show…you have no idea!) This post is really due to a matter of things. I told myself a few weeks ago that I needed to re-watch OUAT due to research, aka needing to pick an evil queen cosplay (yes, I know I’m insane ambitious). So, starting this “research” took me on a spiraling binge watch, and I managed to finish seasons 1-4 before season 5 premieres. Yay Netflix! 

Inspired by the elaborate costumes of OUAT, (Eduardo Castro, you are amazing) and my overall obsession for fashion, I wanted to create my dark couture list for a few characters now that Dark Swan is upon us. Rubs hands together–dis gon’ be good! Did I mention I was excited? So, using Fall 2015 selections from the world’s top designers.

Dark Ariel
DarkArielIf Ariel were to turn dark, she would only need the Armani Privé Fall 2015 Collection! These two pieces are darker hues of her traditional colors we know so well. She would rock them!

Dark Belle
DarkbelleWe can stay true to her golden color, but making it a cooler tone with blood red accents, or taking her to an extreme color change but keeping the gown silhouette.

Dark Blue
DarkBlueThis is a bit extreme, but honestly the likelihood of Blue going dark would be extreme as well! Let’s go all out with this Maison Margiela!

DarkMeridaMerida will be joining the lovely ladies of OUAT this season and rumor has it, she may be joining Robin’s band of merry men! IF, however, she went dark, this Atelier Versace number would offer her more mobility to kick more butt.

Dark Mulan
DarkMulanDark Mulan would still be a warrior, but also a fearsome ruler in this get up from Valentino.

Dark SnowDarkSnowWe’ve gotten a taste of Dark Snow from the Heroes and Villains alternate reality, but I thought her outfits were too Regina. What if Snow went with a more sleek look like this Schiaparelli outfit, and instead of black being her color…Red. Blood Red.

Dark TinkDarkTinkWe got a look at a darker powerless Tink in Neverland, but if she wanted a little dark glamour, this Atelier Versace dress would look great on her!

Dark Swan
Dark Swan is already looking fabulously couture! (as you can see on the photo on the right)
Just for fun, I wanted to pick a glamorous Valentino dress for Dark Swan. A bit risqué, it may be more appropriate for the 10pm HBO OUAT. lol.

Hope you enjoyed my silly fashion fun and let us know how you enjoyed the season premiere of Once Upon A Time on ABC!!! 😀

<3 ~R
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