An Homage: Mister Rogers

This weekend, select theaters are premiering the documentary about the life of Fred Rogers called “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” Mister Rogers was an influential part of many children’s lives, and even as adults we could all learn a little something from Mister Rogers.

Mister Rogers

It’s You I Like

If you don’t cry when you watch this clip then I’m pretty sure you don’t have a soul.


Fred Rogers’ 2002 Dartmouth Commencement Speech

Can you imagine what an honor it must have been to have such an influential person speak at your college graduation?


Mister Rogers Challenges the Senate

In 1969, Fred Rogers appeared before the United States Senate Subcommittee on Communications to challenge the cuts that were proposed against public broadcasting.


It Takes Talent to be the Best Loser

Mister Rogers taught us that the one who comes in last is just as important as the one who comes in first. Sometimes we all need a reminder that it’s ok to be a loser.


I Hope You Are Able to Grow to Respect Whoever You Are Inside

Mister Rogers just had this way about him to make you feel special about yourself.


There Are Many Ways to Say I Love You

Mister Rogers teaches us the many ways to say I love you in the little things that we can do everyday.


The Truth Will Make Me Free

I really needed this today. Mister Rogers taught us that it’s okay to feel our feelings and be truthful about them rather than bottling them up inside.


Fred Rogers Inducted Into the TV Hall of Fame

Remember the boy from “It’s You I Like”? His name is Jeff Erlanger, and he surprised Mister Rogers by giving a speech on stage when Fred Rogers was inducted into the TV Critics’ Hall of Fame in 1999. I’m not crying, you’re crying!


It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

When I heard this theme song, I stopped what I was doing and I watched Mister Rogers. I so wanted to be his neighbor.


Mister Rogers’ Heartwarming Farewell Message

A few months before Fred Rogers passed away in 2003, he created this message for those of us who grew up watching his show.


Won’t You Be My Neighbor Trailer

Finally, the reason we’re paying this homage to such a wonderful man that the world lost too soon, here is the trailer for the Mister Rogers documentary: Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Sony has finally given a release date for the other upcoming Mister Rogers biopic starring Tom Hanks. The drama entitled “You Are My Friend” is scheduled to be released on October 18, 2019 (Source: Variety).

What were your favorite moments with Mister Rogers? Share your memories with us fellow Neighbors!

Stay Nerdy!


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