An Homage: Happy Birthday Buffy Summers

We all had our idols in our younger years. Some have stuck with us into adulthood. My teen idol, Buffy Summers, is turning 35 years old on Saturday January 19th! (Fictional birthdays still count, okay?) I thought I would celebrate Buffy’s Birthday by writing her a letter in homage. So sit back, grab a beer (beer bad!) and a double meat sandwich and reminisce with me.

Birthday Buffy

Dear Buffy,
You have no idea who I am, but to me you have been everything. We pretty much grew up together. When your journey began, you were still trying to figure yourself out. At first you avoided your destiny but there was no escaping it. Eventually you learned to embrace the path that was laid before you. I too went through the journey every teen must in which you figure out where you belong, what career you’re striving for, and just trying to make it without seeming like too much of a loser.

Birthday Buffy

You fell in love deeply with someone you couldn’t be with. You loved Angel so much and yet you had to make the ultimate sacrifice right after Angel’s soul was restored. It took courage to love, and it took courage to lose. Of course you shut yourself away from the world.
Birthday Buffy

Yes, you were a savior against the demons and monsters of the world. But you were also a girl, a young woman, a friend, a daughter, a lover, and eventually a sister. You said good bye to so many people you loved. Your mom: I never cried while watching a television show until you lost your mom. Binge watching your show with my own mom was one of my favorite past times. The thought of losing her while watching you lose your mom was so heart wrenching.

Birthday Buffy

I’ve always wondered what kind of a woman you would be today. Do you have children of your own? Will they ever know about the Slayer life? I just wanted to thank you for being there during the awkward, strange, sad, happy, and confusing times in my life. I learned many lessons through your experiences. So Happy Birthday, Buffy!

Birthday Buffy


I know, I know this was a little bit cheesy. But sometimes it’s good to savor the cheese and recognize your hero whether they are fictional or not. Take a moment to thank that someone that played a part in shaping the person you became.

What were your fondest Buffy memories? Let’s hear them, Once More with Feeling!

Birthday Buffy

Stay Nerdy!

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