ACE Seattle 2019: Show Floor, Cosplay, & More

ace seattle 2019

We continue our look back on ACE Seattle 2019 with a look at the show floor, cosplays, Artist Alley, and merch! We know, it’s a lot 🙂

Show Floor

Show floor shenanigans which included ping-pong, large Funkos, bad-ass chainsaw carved sculptures, and R2 (Jen would have taken him home with her if she could)!


No convention is complete without seeing all the hard work everyone put into their cosplays and showing them off on and around the con floor. ACE Seattle was no exception. Everyone we ran into looked fabulous and we know just how much work it takes in putting a costume together! Here are just a few of the wonderful cosplays we got to see at the con, including the contest! Congratulations to all the winners! PS. The dusting Spiderman is too precious. Mom definitely deserves a nerd parent award. Warning, the cuteness levels are out of this world.

Artist Alley & Merch

We were good. At least we tried to be. Really tried. *shifty eyes* But honestly, mere seconds after stepping foot into the con, we were already sucked into all things Disney in Artist Alley. It gets us every time. Luckily, we didn’t splurge like we normally do at cons and our wallets weren’t entirely too unhappy. Jen and Rach both got matching Disney heroes and villains prints from the lovely, Nikki Ward, extra love to her for the extra sparkle she added to them! We also picked up some wicked (you’ll get this joke later) prints from Disney artist, James Mulligan, where we completely bonded over Tangled, which he had worked on as an animator (*ahem* Tangled > Frozen *cough*). Rach also picked up some earrings from Natasha aka The Artistic Dabbler (who we first met at Dallas Fan Expo), a pair of Captain Marvel stars and Cap/Winter Solider emblems, which she made on the spot! And of course, no con is complete without a visit to Truffle Cottage. Because chocolate. Enough said. We adore Jennie.

Artist Alley is one of our favourite places to explore during a con. There is just so much talent out there.

We’ve got more from Seattle! The yummy part, Nerdie Foodie style! If you missed it, also check out all the fun we had at the panels here!

Stay curious!

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