A New Menagerie! Welcome to the New NC!

Hello again you wonderful nerds!!! We’ve been super busy this week trying to improve your experience on our site. Everyone give Rach some props for being the architect of our new home, and welcome nerds to our humble abode. We hope you make yourselves at home!


Granted, any new place has a few quirks, so just let us know if you see anything strange, and we will investigate! Here’s a little tour, because we are obviously excited and can’t wait for you to see!!!


*cough cough* *puts on a Cogsworthy accent*


You’ll notice an array of flying buttresses, buttons for our Blog, The NC Crew is our About, The Nerdiporium is a mysterious future endeavor… Ooo intrigue. If you’re Still Curious, you can contact us, and of course we had to have a link to the lovely Nerd Machine because we love them so. We have short cut features to some of our usual topics per your interest!

Let us know what you think, nerdloves!

We also have a favor to ask of you, now that holiday shopping is upon us we have a few Amazon ads on our site! If you plan to do some shopping via Amazon this season, please consider using our links (we can get a little kick back to help upkeep the site and bring more nerdalicious things to you all in the future, win-win). Please and thanks and much appreciation! <3

We hope you enjoy the new home! Come back and visit often!
Nerd On!

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  1. Well, for one thing, none of the gifs on this page are working! 🙂

  2. The site looks lovely! Great job!! 😀

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