A Curiously Nerdy 2015

Dearest nerd-verse,

This is my love letter to 2015 and you.


To 2015: You may not have been all sunshine and roses, but you proved to be a year full of motivation, inspiration and more than enough nerdity. I will always remember you as the year where I finally got off my butt and start building a little sliver of the inter-webs…my happy place. 

To Zac Levi and The Nerd Machine: Thank you for my nerd family. You brought us together in 2014 and from the awesome pool of nerds, NC was born.

To Dave Coleman of TNM and Shannon Fox: Thank you for seeing something good in us and bringing us on as contributors. We are so happy to be a part of the TNM family in any way.

To @nerdistmom: During our start, I had a moment of doubt and your tweet was exactly what I needed to keep going.

To my NC girls: Jams, Jen & Rach, I love you more than I can say. Thank you for joining me on this crazy journey.

To all you nerds: thank you for your time & friendship! In a digital world with infinite inter-web corners to spend our time, we appreciate you coming to visit us and sharing your thoughts! We hope to continue to offer a little positive corner here and please let us know how we can make your experience better.

Here’s to an excellent 2016.

Nerd on!
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