A Nerd’s Menagerie: Witchy Week

Good morning nerd lovers! Well, I had a fantastical weekend with some of our best nerd pals in the magical city of New Orleans! This amazing weekend has of course, delayed my usual Monday posts, so I decided to stop by and say hi (waves enthusiastically) and give you an intro on what to expect from us this week.

We are focusing on Witches and Warlocks and Magic this week! Oh my! We hope you stay tuned. Jams has some great witchy DIYS, and Jen has some deliciousness in store and Rach has a magical TNT list planned. I myself will be doing a recap on my Nerdy Nola trip and we have a great Nerds ‘R Us interview this week with a very creative individual. 😉 If anyone happened to catch Nerdy NOLA on periscope this weekend, thanks for tuning in to @nerdycurious @showandtalk and @nerdygras! We love you nerds!


Stay awesome Nerds! Good luck adulting today…

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