A Nerd’s Menagerie: Space City Con Art & Take My Money Edition

If you saw this little blinking hat around Space City Con in Houston this weekend…


That was me in my TARDIS topper…


I was flying around the con Friday and Saturday taking photos and spending more money than planned. #ConLife Though I had a 3 day pass, I needed Sunday off! I’m totally still recouping from loads of travel, plus I’m sure my wallet appreciated it. :/


Space City Con was a positive con experience. It wasn’t as crowded as other Texas cons, which is great! There was plenty of room to breathe, the food options were good, the photo ops/autograph lines weren’t too overwhelming and the vendors were great. The only critique I have…the back rows of vendors were really tightly packed, there was hardly any room to walk through. I imagine this was a disservice to the artists, as more people were probably deterred from going down an overly crowded aisle. That’s an easy fix though. The celebs that made it to the con were great, though I am still disappointed Sean Maguire didn’t make it. Sigh. (I hope he comes to another TX con sometime.) The biggest guest was the Captain himself, Bill Shatner. I finally got a photo with the Ponds (Karen and Arthur)! They were lovely as expected, and Arthur complimented my hat. <3


The autograph set up wrapped the room, so you could get a clear view as you walked around the con. Can I just say, Chad Michael Murray, Bridget Regan and Gil McKinney are some gorgeous people! Good lawd! Also, surreal, random moment of the con…let me set the scene…I am walking through the vendor aisles, glance up to see a beautiful face walking toward me and he smiles at me as I grin upon recognizing him… Matt Ryan! Seriously, that man is absolutely striking in person! (wolf whistles) OK enough nerd fanning. lol

I wanted to focus on vendors and artists at the con that caught my attention and/or inspired me to say “take my money”. There were many old faves there, which I had to revisit. Check them out below! (In no particular order)

Stopped at the TG Comics booth featuring their 2 new artists, Joaquin Karate and Valerie Castano, they are with Santiago below! Great folks! Check them out here. I may have purchased 2 Arrow prints for some friends.
Literary Alterations had these great fandom keys hanging from an illuminated tree. I happened to purchase a Sherlock key. 🙂
LA1 LA2 copy
These 2 lovely ladies were sharing a table at Space City, and I never got a chance to meet her partner in crime, but I did purchase her Heimdall! There needs to be more Idris art nerds! You can find Vivian’s work here. We are in the process of contacting Vivian for her partner’s information.

This lovely lady is Meighgan, the Glamour Artist! Yes, if you want some Pop Art style artwork with a girly feel, this is your gal! Her Black Widow and all her Regina portraits are amazing! You can find her here.

One of my fave local artists, Ash Gonzales, designer by day, mega talented dude! Purchased two of his pieces…this time. Find him here!

Eve Believes had an array of products that aren’t very common. There needs to be more of work appropriate nerd ware, so if you need a nerdy tie or your fandom printed on aluminum or acrylic, check her out on Etsy here.

Summerwood Soaps offered some gorgeous scented soaps that were branded with nerdy themes. The smells may have nothing to do with the fandom per se, but I dig the concept. 🙂

Last, but not least is Johnnie Rosales, Jr. Also, a favorite who will be having a show at the East End Gallery in Houston August 8. Go if you’re in town!
Well, enjoy nerds & support some creatives! If you know of any creatives, or are a creative contact us on FB! 😀

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