A Nerd’s Menagerie: Nerd Love Week

It’s Nerd Love week! Yes, it is also about Deadpool and we feel he’s a great representative for love! Come on, you’ve seen that “scene” right? With the ring pop? #Romance

nerd love deadpool

All jokes aside, us nerds have been exposed to many an awesome nerdy love story, but sometimes a real story comes along that gives all those fictional ones a run for their money.

Meet Lizzie and Mike…


She’s a Disnerd with the voice of an angel and he’s a Marvel nerd who croons! They met while being nerdy at a karaoke joint in Houston, TX. They got in engaged at Disney World with family by their side and this lovely duo has built an exceptional life together. I was lucky enough to attend their wedding last month, and they were nice enough to allow me to share a few of the nerdy details they incorporated into their lovely day!

It was a classy affair, full of candle light, snowflakes and an all around feast for the eyes.


After a heart warming ceremony and during the cocktail hour the disnerd in me rejoiced when suddenly this began to play…

Followed by…

A dream come true for a princess such as Lizzie! Mr. Mike incorporated his nerdy nature and love for Thanos in an awesome way. For his groomsmen, he gifted them an Avengers cup, sported some Avengers tags pre-wedding and let everyone know his ring was made of Mjolnir.


Just in case you guys need a close up…


As if there was any doubt! Odin must be proud of Mike for he proved worthy of Lizzie. The coolest way he integrated his nerdiness in the wedding had to be his epic groom’s cake!


I mean… are words really necessary?! For the none nerds in the room he had a little Infinity Gauntlet comic cover on the table. I have to admit, this Infinity cake was spectacularly yummy.

The thing that makes nerds awesome is that they never shy away of showcasing what their passionate about, and when you’re a meticulous planner, there are ways you can integrate these nontraditional passions in a classy and beautiful way or a kitschy, wild way. You let your nerd flag fly, and those non-nerds who love a nerd… let your nerd, well… nerd. 🙂 That’s  the moral of the story here kids. Do what you love, love what you do and find someone who loves you for both. Enjoy the fireworks!


Nerd On!
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