A Nerd’s Menagerie: Maps for Fantasy Worlds

I love maps! All kinds of maps, but there’s something special about maps of fictional, fantastical places. It makes them just a little bit more real, to have this document in your hands guiding you to it. Plus, they can be so designical! I often wish I was in the graphics department for these projects, simply to create these maps.

The Videogames World Map, a detailed illustration that includes nearly 100 points of interest from a vast array of games. Painted by Edison Yan, it is available here for $25.


Firefly Atlas of the Verse, available here

image description

Of course, there’s the interactive GoT map on HBO’s website which updates with each episode.

Take a look at one of my brain food sites Cereal Prize, curated by the great Topher Grace. He had a fantastic post of fictional maps that is drool-worthy.


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