The Daily Random: An Homage to Mom

It’s Mother’s Day, and all of our Facebook feeds are bombed with a fantastic dedication to mothers and caregiving ladies in our lives. I love seeing these posts, makes me feel like I get a different view of people I know.

I have always been very close to my mom. She has always been my constant, and though she’s not perfect, I think she’s amazing! So here are 20 facts about my mom that make her the best! <3 

  1. She’s feisty
  2. She’s beautiful even though she doesn’t think so
  3. She’s hilarious and has potty/pervy style humor lol
  4. She became an “older” mom before it was the norm (She had my sister when she was 30 and me when she was 40)
  5. She loves to dance
  6. She’s a huge romantic
  7. She has lofty goals for her kids
  8. She loves unconditionally
  9. She’s survived poverty
  10. She stood up for her beliefs against a poisonous dude
  11. She’s a great cheerleader
  12. She’s patient when it counts
  13. She’s understanding and seeing the big picture
  14. She curses sometimes with passion
  15. She’s a big believer in freedom and letting us make mistakes
  16. She loves movies and reading
  17. She loves to travel
  18. If she could, she would adopt all of my friends. lol
  19. She’s consistently trying to learn something new
  20. She’s a kid at heart (She loves cartoons)

She sometimes feels she hasn’t accomplished enough in her life. She feels like she hasn’t done something big. It’s difficult to convince her just what an accomplishment it is to be a mom. Many women can give birth, but not as many have the heart to be a mom. She makes a bigger difference in peoples’ lives than she thinks, and I try to remind her every day. Call your mom folks, show her some love.


Some more mom love, Courtesy of Sarah Kay…

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