10 Nerdy News Bites

Nerd news! Get your nerdy news bites here! Comin’ atcha!!tumblr_inline_nasgs9QhxL1rxh1p7

The Once Upon a Time creators, Adam and Edward are no strangers to causing mind-splosions! Well, now they’re headed toward scaring your pants off! Dead of Summer will be headed to ABC Family! more info here.
10 Horror OUaT9
Hey Girl, Blade Runner is headed your way. Ryan Gosling has been confirmed to star in the sequel alongside Harrison. See more here.
Ryan Gosling

Continuing in Blade Runner news, Ridley Scott revealed the first scene of the movie was part of the original 1982 script but was not used! See more here.

Ridley Scott directs a scene on the set of the movie Exodus: Gods and King

Ridley Scott directs a scene on the set of the movie Exodus: Gods and King

“Lights! Camera! Carter!” Agent Carter’s season 2 teaser was released during Agents of Shield this week to add to the emotional rollercoaster that is Tuesday evenings!

Get your Blue Steel ready! Zoolander 2 trailer is out! All we can say is Ben sans eyebrows cannot be unseen.

A new Finn-centric teaser trailer has been released.
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Ant-Man Blu-Ray hits December 8th! Can’t wait? Check out the hilarious behind the scenes/bloopers!

It was previously announced Valkyrie would be making her presence known in Thor Ragnarok. Seems another lady will be spreading terror! Hela! See more here.

The Huntsman: Winter’s War trailer was released this week! Check out some bad ass ladies! You know these two will be inspiring some cosplays!

Ok 80’s babies! Who remembers this…
Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 7.59.41 PM
t looks like our Hemsworth theme will continue! CBR is reporting Chris is in talks to star as Allen Quartermain! See more here.

Can’t wait to see what next week brings!
Nerd on!
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