10 Nerdy News Bites

Can you believe it’s the last week of January?! Where is the TARDIS when you need it!
OK nerds, lets get this party started!
The DeLorean is back in production in Humble, TX!!! Come on down nerds! Get your time machine…if…you have 50-100k…lying around…cough cough. See more here.

Earlier this week a scene was released from Deadpool! If you prefer no spoilers, then move along…if not, then enjoy!!! True romance at it’s best that Wade. lol!!!

Diana Gabaldon posted images from Season 2 of Outlander (Dragonfly) and they are gorgeous!

A peek at Season Two–even Murtagh cleans up nicely! So–which scenes from DRAGONFLY are you most eager to see in this new Season?

Posted by Diana Gabaldon on Monday, January 25, 2016

The lovely Lauren Cohan has joined Batman v Superman as Martha Wayne! See more here.

Netflix has found their Violet and Klaus for Series of Unfortunate Events! Supergirl’s Malina Weissman and newcomer Louis Hynes will be joining Neil Parick Harris’ Count Olaf.
See more here.

Screen Junkies did it again! Honest Trailer for Agents of SHIELD.

Taron Egerton teases Kingsman 2 will go international and will have a villain that “rivals Samuel L. Jackson”. Can’t wait! See more here.

There have been so many rumors and hopes and dreams about Tom Welling reprising Superman for Supergirl. Someone finally asked him directly, and we didn’t really get a clear answer. lol! See more here.

OK 90’s KIDS! Nickelodeon and Paramount are planning on a feature length NickToons movie that will feature many of our fave ‘toons!!! See more here!

You can now enter Dali’s mind with the Oculus Rift as part of the Disney and Dali: Architects of Imagination exhibit at the Dali Museum in Tampa. The exhibit will be running until June 12th. See more here.

A cool variety this week nerds! ‘Til next week!
Nerd On!
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  1. This clip from the Deadpool is really one of my favourite scenes. Damn! I love this movie.

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