10 Nerdy News Bites

It’s that time nerd loves! It’s Christmas eve, and you would think there would be a slow down on nerdy news, but that’s not the case.


So let’s get this started!

James Cameron confirms Avatar 2 will aim for a Christmas 2017 release! This can change though. Let’s not forget the first Avatar took 14 years of planning and execution, so we can only imagine. Avatar 3 & 4 will aim for 2018 and 2019. See more here.

On the Marvel front, this is an interesting article where the Russo brothers discuss their experience working with Marvel on Civil War after the changes to the creative committee. Are you still nervous about that nerds? See more here.

There’s a new Deadpool TV Spot!

I totally understand that many of folks will be watching Force Awakens during this Christmas weekend with family. Maybe it’s your first time, or your 10th time…either way, well done! This is a spoiler-free link, so I had to share. It’s super promising for Episode 8 that J.J. liked the script so much, he wishes he was directing! Stay optimistic nerds! See more here.

Nerds! For those who decide to see Force Awakens this coming Sunday…go IMAX 3-D at an AMC to get an awesome poster! Attentions collectors! See more here.

Buffy’s Emma Caulfield will be joining Supergirl on January 18th! See more here. I will just say…January TV is going to be insanity!
On the more spoilery but fun end of Star Wars Force Awakens…If you have seen the movie and you belong to the Twitter-verse, go visit Emo Kylo Ren @KyloR3n! He’s amazing! See more here.
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Ok, this is totally inappropriate for the holiday, but for our horror nerds…
Here’s the new Damien teaser.

One more Star Wars item. You know my love for Neil DeGrasse Tyson is strong. Well Geek Tyrant has done a compilation of his observations. He initially said they wouldn’t be very spoilery, but I wouldn’t recommend reading them until you’ve seen the movie. See more here.
Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 5.27.37 PM

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays nerds! I hope you have a safe and fantastic time with folks and things that make you happy! <3 Track Santa. I hope you get all of the nerdy things!

Nerd On!
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